Accommodations Terms and Conditions

Product purchased through the Program is solely for your personal use or as a personal gift. You are expressly prohibited from reselling or bartering any product purchased through the Program to any third party. Purchases are limited to 3 products per calendar year, not to collectively exceed $5,000. Violations of this policy, including without limitation any breach of confidentiality, may lead to Program termination for the individual and the participating company.

YOU MAY NOT: Distribute, rent or otherwise make available to others access to the Program or any product purchased through the Program, except as expressly permitted herein, without prior written consent from Bose Corporation. In the case of an authorized transfer of any purchased product through the Program, the transferee must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as if the transferee were a participant.

RESTRICTIONS: You may not remove any proprietary notices, labels, trademarks or documentation from any product. You may not modify, de-compile, disassemble, reverse engineer or translate the software on any product.

Accommodations Program purchases are billed and shipped only to addresses in the United States, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Pricing, participation and product availability are subject to change at any time. Program pricing may not be combined with any other offer, promotion or financing. Bose Corporation reserves the right to hold and/or cancel any order until provided with contact information to validate your eligibility with the Programme.